Wednesday Jun 26th, 2024

New Faces, Same Mission: CCCAS’s New Counseling Team

For seventy years and counting, Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services (CCCAS) has been a steadfast source of hope and support within the Diocese of Erie. Founded in 1953, CCCAS has consistently dedicated itself to providing professional social services to the community, a mission that remains as vital today as ever. The organization is now thrilled to introduce a vibrant new team, infused with positive energy and innovative ideas.

The team welcomes two new Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Carly Chlebus and Cielo Prischak, who bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to their clients' well-being. Carly and Cielo’s compassionate approach and expertise in addiction recovery are already making a significant impact, offering new pathways to healing and hope for individuals battling substance use disorders.

Leading this dynamic team is Brandy Abbey, the newly appointed Clinical/Program Director. Brandy’s visionary leadership and dedication to holistic care and community engagement are steering CCCAS into an exciting new era. Her efforts are focused on enhancing service accessibility and effectiveness for all those in need.

Michelle Tobin, a contracted mental health counselor, continues to be a cornerstone of the CCCAS counseling team. Her dedication and expertise in mental health counseling have been invaluable, and she remains an essential part of the support services CCCAS provides.

The counselors at CCCAS are not only contributing to their own growth but also to the growth and excellence of the organization. They are expanding their knowledge and understanding through further education and training programs, obtaining certifications in areas such as CRS (Certified Recovery Specialist), DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and gambling addiction training. This commitment to professional development ensures that CCCAS remains at the forefront of effective and compassionate care.

Together, these new team members are united by their commitment to upholding the founding principles of CCCAS. Their shared passion for delivering compassionate, professional care to the residents of Erie signifies not just a change in personnel, but a reaffirmation of CCCAS’s enduring commitment to its community.

Looking ahead, CCCAS remains unwavering in its mission to provide professional social services to those in need. With a refreshed and dynamic team, the organization is poised to continue its legacy of compassion, support, and positive transformation in the community.