Counseling Services

Catholic Charities Counseling & Adoption Services (CCCAS) helps people, regardless of their religious beliefs or financial resources, to address and cope with the challenges in their lives that are keeping them from truly enjoying life.

Individual, Family & Couples Counseling

Our counselors are trained in a number of therapeutic modalities to collaborate with you and find the path to overcoming difficulties in a manner that works best for you. CCCAS helps people, regardless of their religious beliefs, to address and deal with the problems or issues in their lives that are keeping them from truly enjoying life. We work from a strengths perspective that views people as competent and capable, not as victims of life circumstances. We help people find the strength within themselves, and connect them with available resources to confront and cope with whatever brought them to counseling in the first place.

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Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Our Drug and Alcohol Program strives to provide support and counseling to individuals who are in a non-acute phase of treatment. We work with clients to recognize, develop and utilize their unique personal strengths; rely on their natural support systems for help and support; and to access community resources that are available to assist them in their recovery efforts. We work from a person-centered and strength-based perspective that believes in each person’s ability and potential to achieve and sustain sobriety.

Due to the high risk associated with pregnant women who use drugs and/or alcohol, they will be given top priority to receive treatment and educational services.

Problem Gambling

For some people, a visit to the local casino or racetrack, playing the Lottery or small games of chance, or even playing church bingo can be a fun activity, but for many others it can become an addiction. Our counselors will work with you, or your loved one, to identify the triggers that lead to the compulsion to gamble and develop a plan to overcome the need to participate in this activity.  As an important component of our Drug & Alcohol services, the Addictions/Problem Gambling service strives to fully implement a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) with each of our clients. We work with clients to recognize, develop and utilize their personal strengths and rely on their natural support systems.

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Opioid Information

Pennsylvanians are impacted by the epidemic of prescription opioid and heroin overdoses all over the state, from large cities to rural areas. CCCAS employs a team effort to stop the disease from spreading, help those in need, and get Pennsylvanians into treatment. To learn more about opioid awareness, please visit the Department of Health website.