Akram Bhatti

Akram Bhatti Staff Picture


Akram Bhatti


Three pivotal experiences profoundly shape Akram's life. Early military training with the 745 Communications Squadron in Canada instilled a lifelong dedication to self-discipline. Professional roles in technical writing at Corel and Apple Computers cultivated a methodical and computational problem-solving approach. Finally, as a staff member at the Urban Erie Center Development Corporation for New Americans and Refugees; giving him purpose and inspiration from the stories of those he serves.


As a computer science teacher at Cathedral Preparatory School, in his students, Akram instilled a desire to become technology entrepreneurs through coursework in entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, and computer science principles. Akram led a dedicated team of paid and volunteer tutors, providing crucial math and English tutoring and cultural support through a state-funded education grant to New American students in the Erie School District.


Akram is thrilled to join the Refugee Resettlement team at Catholic Charities and hopes to contribute to its continued growth.