Program Philosophy:

This program, representative of our Catholic identity, values life.  We believe that all life is precious.  This program provides information, education and counseling to encourage expectant parents to choose life over abortion.  We not only seek to help prospective parents choose not to abort, but to also realize and understand the supports that are available to them after the baby is born.  We understand that some pregnant women are troubled and apprehensive about their own ability to care for the physical and emotional needs of a new child.  We work with these women to understand that supports are available to help them.  We also help the woman understand that should she decide that she is not ready or able to provide the loving home this newborn child will need, there are many other loving families who are desperately hoping/waiting for a child to love. Adoption is a better option than abortion.


Target population:

Our target population is a woman who is currently pregnant or may be pregnant.  We can also work with a mother of a child who is under 12 months of age.  We also work with biological fathers of an unborn child or a child less than 12 months of age.  All clients must be residents of Pennsylvania.


Services offered:

* Pregnancy tests

* Counseling and referrals

* Help with decision making regarding adoption or parenting

* Pre-natal and parenting education

* Maternity clothing (when available) --- or referrals

* Baby clothing (when available)

* Diapers / formula (as available)




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