True to our Catholic identity and mission, our Pregnancy Counseling services are fully directed at helping young women, and the men who accompany them, to understand the many options that are available for helping them to choose life.

While we understand that life circumstances may be such that a woman has decided that she is unable to parent this child that is growing inside of her, we help women to understand that there are many other alternatives other than abortion.  We work with women to guide them through the difficult decision that many of them face - especially focusing on keeping the child as your own or placing the child for adoption with a loving family.  Because of our religious underpinnings, we do not discuss abortion as a viable alternative to pregnancy.  

Our counselors will work with any pregnant woman - regardless of her religious beliefs, and anyone who comes with her that she chooses to allow to attend the sessions, to discuss the following:


* How do I find a doctor for my prenatal care?

* How do I pay for doctor visits?

* Where can I find maternity clothes?

* How do I pay for my hospital stay during the birth?

* What will it be like to be a mother?     Can I do it?

* What are the pros and cons of Adoption?    Will I have any contact with my child?

* How can I afford to keep my child?   Where would I get diapers, formula, clothes?  

* How could I go to work (or back to work) with a new child at home?


We want to help pregnant mothers and fathers know that help is available and that they CAN do this!   Being a parent is one of life's greatest joys, but it is not always an easy proposition either!