Program Philosophy:

Our Drug & Alcohol program strives to fully implement a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) with each of our clients.  We work with clients to recognize, develop and utilize their unique personal strengths;  to rely on their natural support systems for help and support;  and to access community resources that are available to assist them in their recovery efforts.  We work from a person-centered and strength-based perspective that believes in each person's ability and potential to achieve and sustain sobriety.


Target population:

The target population for our D&A program are people who are in a non-acute phase of treatment who need support and counseling.  Due to the high risk associated with pregnant women who use drugs and/or alcohol, they will be given top priority to receive treatment and educational services.


Services offered:

We provide outpatient therapy for individuals, and/or their family members, who are in a non-acute stage of recovery.  


Our D&A staff:

Don Carone has been with CCCAS for well over 10 years and has worked in the addictions field for over 30 years.  Don combines humor and sincerity with his clinical knowledge/expertise to help people relax and focus on their path to successful recovery.

Bernie Lucas has been with CCCAS for nearly 10 years and has worked in the D&A and counseling field for over 30 years.  Bernie's easy-going personality helps his clients to recognize his skills and his desire to help them achieve success in their recovery effort. 

Our Drug & Alcohol counselors are both certified through the Pennsylvania Certifications Board for addictions counseling and have been endorsed for competency in treating problem gambling.