Pregnancy / Parent Support Counselor

Development Coordinator



Phone: (814) 788-5057

            (888) 793-6602 (Toll free)


Tiffany started working part-time in the St Marys office of CCCAS in the Real Alternatives program in September 2015.  Recently, Tiffany moved into a full-time position when she accepted the duties of Development Coordinator for the agency.  In this capacity Tiffany will be writing grants and assisting with public relations for the agency while still providing services in the Real Alternatives program.


Tiffany has always enjoyed working with families and educating parents/caregivers about child development and community resources.


Prior to starting at CCCAS, Tiffany was a Pregnancy Counselor for Project Rapport and a Parent Educator through the Parents as Teachers Program at the Guidance Center.  At Project Rapport, Tiffany worked in schools and homes with primarily teens experiencing pregnancy and parenting.  Through the Parents as Teachers Program, Tiffany also worked within homes with families and organized play groups for the community.


Tiffany also has experience as a Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) and Director of St Marys Boys and Girls Club.  Throughout the years and other positions, she has always greatly enjoyed working within the community with parents and their children.


Tiffany received her Associate in Science degree from Penn State University - DuBois majoring in Occupational Therapy Assistant.