St Joseph's Home - Old records

St Joseph's Home for Children

Catholic Charities Counseling & Adoption Services maintains the adoption records from St Joseph's Home for Children, which closed in 1970, and from Catholic Social Services, the former name of this agency.

For adoptees or their relatives seeking information:

If you are seeking information regarding your own information, or that of a deceased loved one, you must submit this form signed by you and notarized before we are able to release any information.

In accordance with Pennsylvania law, the agency can only release non-identifying information on birth parents to the adoptive parents of a minor child, to an adult adoptee or to the parents of an adult adoptee.

Non-identifying information includes age range, religion, ethnicity, education level, height, weight, eye color, hair color of birth parents and any medical history information available on the birth parents and their family.  This information also includes any birth information, medical information and placement information on the infant while in the care of either St Joseph's Home for Children or Catholic Social Services or CCCAS.

Non-identifying information does not include either the first or last name of the birth parents which must be kept confidential as per Pennsylvania regulations.

This information is based on case file records obtained at the time of the child's birth.

If you are requesting information on a relative who was a resident of St Joseph's Home for Children and is still living, you must obtain a notarized statement signed by the relative consenting to the release of this information.

If your relative is deceased, you must submit a letter showing the family relationship and supply a credible reason for the request along with a copy of the death certificate.

For birth parents interested in supplying information

Birth parents who placed a child for adoption through this agency may at any time contact the agency with updated medical and social history information on themselves or family members. Birth parents are required to submit this new information in writing along with a copy of their identification.

The birth parents may place letters in the file to be shared with the child upon request and reaching adulthood or upon request of the adoptive parents of a minor age child. The agency has information on current state and county registries that are available for birth parents. The forms can be mailed to any birth parent upon request.

The birth parent willing to allow the disclosure of identifying information such as their name and contact information by waiving confidentiality must state his/her permission in a notarized statement along with a notarized copy of their driver's license or other identification card. This letter is placed in the case file and is shared with the adoptee ONLY at his/her request. The agency does NOT contact the adoptee to inform him/her that a letter has been placed on file with the agency.

Biological siblings of the adoptee may also place a letter on file with their name and contact information to be given to the adoptee if the adoptee makes an inquiry to the agency about his/her adoption records. Proof of identification of the sibling is required along with the letter, notarized by a notary public.