Catholic Charities Counseling & Adoption Services of the Diocese of Erie offers a full range of adoption services for the Diocese of Erie.   The agency has been approved and is licensed by the PA Department of Human Services for adoptive placements and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).


Program Philosophy

Adoption is a legal process whereby a child, born to one set of parents, is placed in a home of another set of parents for the purpose of raising said child as if born to them. These children are released legally by their birthparents due to acknowledged inability of said parents to raise their child.

As a means to reflect our concern that human life is a precious gift from God, the agency recognizes the inherent right of individuals to fulfill their responsibilities toward God, toward self and toward others.  Inherent in this is a desire to give witness to the sanctity of human life, generating a greater respect for the life of each person in our society.  Therefore, the adoption services of Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services is said to be a viable service to protect the God given right to life as a child.

The adoption process has as its main objective the wellbeing of children.  The needs of a child serve as the main determinant of the total service although the independent needs and interests of the birth parents and adoptive parents are also fully recognized.

The agency's services and programs reflect a commitment to support children and families.