Natalia Golovnev

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Natalia Golovnev

MGP - Preferred Communities - Case Manager

Natalia Golovneva is the Matching Grant Program Case Manager. Natalia joined the Refugee Resettlement Services Team at Erie Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services in 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine. Natalia was born in Ukraine and admitted to the United States as a refugee in 2015. Refugees’ pain and struggles resonate with Natalia as she has been in their shoes herself, having fled from her home country, forced to leave everything she had because of the war. And now she wants to give refugees the confidence they need, by helping them adjust their lives to the new social environment and become self-sufficient in the United States while there is a war and unrest in their homeland.

Natalia graduated from a college in Ukraine. In the U.S. she enjoyed helping refugees during her employment at MHEDS. Additionally, she gained substantial experience with serving clients' needs while working in the healthcare industry. Prior to coming to the United States, she worked as a customer service manager in her home country.

Natalia is looking forward to helping new arrivals resettle their life as they arrive in America, and then welcoming them to live in Erie.