Masooma Masih

Masooma Masih Staff Picture

Masooma Masih

PC Afghan Case Manager

Masooma Masih assumed the role of PC Afghan Case Manager at CCCAS in June 2024. Previously, she worked as a translator with HIAS PA and Troutman Pepper.

Masooma was born in Iran as a refugee and completed her high school education in Mashhad before returning to Afghanistan in 2014. In Kabul, she balanced a full-time job while pursuing her bachelor's degree at university. She worked in multiple projects with organizations such as the UN and World Bank.

In April 2021, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and arrived in the US just one week before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan. Masooma graduated with a master's degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. Her primary objective is to assist newcomers to adapt to a new life and integrating into the local community.